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Recovery Studio


The Recovery Studio is a course aimed at photographers and audio and video professionals who deal with a great amount of images and information daily. We discuss the issues related to data loss and, how to and how to do the recovery in a deep and quickly way.

Topics Covered

1. Data Recovery – What is it? – Key concepts
2. Bot – Data Recovery
3. Why photographers and audio and video professional should learn about data recovery?
4. What you are not going to learn in this course
5. Main problems concerning data loss in the field of photography, audio and video
6. Recovery of deleted data on memory cards and external HDs

7. Data recovery on memory cards and formatted external HDs
8. Data recovery when your computer is “requesting formatting”
9. Memory cards and flashdrives have become “RAW mode”. How can I recover their data?
10. How can memory cards and external HDs be recovered when infected by virus?
11. Cloning and evaluation of sectors
12. Recovering organized and disorganized Data
13. RAW Recovery and analysis of extensions
14. Filtration of recovered data

10x de R$95

Total Workload 10 hours
It is required to have basic knowledge in the use of computers with Windows system.
8% discount for cash payments

Recovery Essential


In the Recovery Essential you will learn about the Market, activities and responsibilities essential to start the provision of specialized services of Data Recovery. We will give special attention to the recovery processes without the use of physical equipments. By the end of the course, the student will be able to offer a broad spectrum of recovery services on HDs and Windows, Linux and MAC OS operating systems.

Topics Covered

1. The Market of Data Recovery in Brazil
2. What are the problems of data loss?
3. Identify mechanical, electronic, firmware and logical problems
4. Identifying and preparing the device which had their data lost
5. What are physical and logical sectors?
6. Cloning and mapping of sectors
7. Recovery of deleted data in Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems

8. Recovery of formatted data in Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems
9. Recovering erased and recreated partitions with different sizes
10. How to execute data recovery processes in devices infected by virus and ransomwares
11. Recovery in devices in “RAW mode”
12. Recovering organized and disorganized data
13. RAW Recovery and extension analysis
14. Filtration of recoverd data
15. Presentation of the results to the client

10x de R$298

Total Workload 20 hours
It is required to have basic knowledge in computing, computer maintenance and operating systems.
8% discount for cash payments

Recovery Professional


This course will transform you in Data Recovery professional. In addition to addressing the main problems of every storage devices, this course will provide all the knowledge required to start get started in the profession, such as, how to set up a laboratory, the principles of Clean Room, equipment acquisition and, so on. It includes practical lessons in professional equipment, focusing on mechanical and electronic problems, firmware edition, cloning in heavily damaged HDs and, advanced data mining.

Topic covered

1. Professional Data Recovery – Becoming a specialist
2. Setting up a laboratory of Professional Data Recovery
3. Suppliers and acquisition of national and international equipment
4. Analysis and comparison of tools and the existent professional equipment of data recovery
5. Analysis and effective comparison of the existent softwares of data recovery
6. Introduction, installation and initial use of the main recovery equipment used by the best existing professionals
7. Correct evaluation of devices with problems in recovery equipment
8. The principle of Clean Room – Equipment installation, tools and setting up the appropriate environment for opening HDs
9. HD – Theory of Operation
10. HD – Eletronic Structure and evaluation of controller board components

11. HD – Recovery in external HDs with USB boards
12. HD – Mechanical and mechatronics structure
13. HD – S.M.A.R.T. Firmware and ATA commands
14. Repair of HDs
15. Detection and remapping of defective sectors in HDs
16. Low level formatting
17. Flashdrives and Memory cards – Introduction
18. Flashdrives and Memory cards – Evaluation and detection of main problems
19. RAID – Data recovery in volumes RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, etc.
20. RAID – Parity analysis of Architecture identification
21. RAID – Evaluation of concatenated file structure and virtual volume
22. Advanced cloning in data recovery equipment
23. Data Recovery on encrypted devices
24. Extraction with mapping of file structure on recovery equipment
25. Data protection and information security policies

10x de R$765

Total Workload 50 hours
You must have completed and passed the Essential Recovery Course
8% discount for cash payments

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